Hoarding Removal Texas

Did you recently visit a family member’s TX home and find their living conditions poor? Was there home full of trash, pets or an overwhelming amount of items? This habit, known as hoarding, is actually defined as a disease. These living conditions that a hoarder lives in can be a dangerous environment for a variety of reasons. Chances are that your family member is not going to do anything in regards to cleaning the home, so it may be something that you have to force on the individual. At Crime Scene Clean, our cleaning professionals specialize in hoarding removal. We understand how difficult removing these items will be for your family member. Our team is here to help them determine what items have value and which ones they can get rid of.

Bio Hazard Clean

Do you cringe when someone is drawing your blood? Do you look away during the scary scenes of a movie? Does your spouse have to clean up your child when they are sick because you can’t hold it in? Whether this is you or not, when there is a biohazard only professionals should be the one to clean it up. Don’t worry about passing out over here, if you have a crime scene that needs to be cleaned up in Texas, Crime Scene Clean is here to help.

Body Fluid Removal Team

Death and injury are two difficult scenarios to handle emotionally. Often times, we are not prepared for a friend or family member to pass away. When it comes to injuries, they also can happen when you least expect them. To top it off, if blood or other bodily fluids are involved with the injury or death, it is critical that you call the cleanup professionals as soon as possible. Coming into contact with certain bodily fluids can be dangerous, so it is not worth trying to clean up on your own. If you are in TX and are dealing with a death or injury that involves blood or any other bodily fluid, look no further than our dedicated staff at Crime Scene Clean.