Do you cringe when someone is drawing your blood? Do you look away during the scary scenes of a movie? Does your spouse have to clean up your child when they are sick because you can’t hold it in? Whether this is you or not, when there is a biohazard only professionals should be the one to clean it up. Don’t worry about passing out over here, if you have a crime scene that needs to be cleaned up in Texas, Crime Scene Clean is here to help.

Passing Out is the Least of Your Worries…

So many people call us after some sort of biohazard mess because they say they can’t handle the blood, smell, mess, etc. We are quick to inform them that not only should they not be handling the mess, but that’s in fact dangerous to handle such a scene without the proper knowledge of how to clean it. Biohazards got their name for a specific reason: handling biological matter is hazardous. When biohazards are involved, it’s best to leave it up to the professionals.

Biohazard Materials

Our team of biohazard experts are experienced and certified with OSHA and EPA standards. When it comes to removal and cleanup of hazardous materials, we’ve got your back. We work to prevent you from having adverse health effects like illness, injury, and even death from some of the biohazardous materials that you could potentially be exposed to. Our most common bio-hazardous materials include:

● Aerosols
● Antifreeze
● Batteries
● Countless Cleaning Chemicals
● Fire Extinguishers
● Lye
● Medical Waste
● Organic Materials
● Paint

This does not include other non-natural materials that can also be considered a biohazard.

Biohazard Cleanup

When you recognize a biohazard, it’s important to take the first step and call our professionals. Our primary concern is your safety as well as those around you. We will often create a perimeter to act as a barrier for your protection so that only our professionals that are equipped and trained to handle the issue will be exposed. With the use of studied and proven protocols and advanced technology and equipment, we will remove the hazardous materials properly and dispose of them in the correct manner. We take every precaution so that everyone, including our team, remains safe in the process. We also use unmarked trucks for discretion on your property.

For more information on biohazard cleanup in Texas, call Crime Scene Clean today at 866-232-4197.