Did you recently visit a family member’s TX home and find their living conditions poor? Was there home full of trash, pets or an overwhelming amount of items? This habit, known as hoarding, is actually defined as a disease. These living conditions that a hoarder lives in can be a dangerous environment for a variety of reasons. Chances are that your family member is not going to do anything in regards to cleaning the home, so it may be something that you have to force on the individual. At Crime Scene Clean, our cleaning professionals specialize in hoarding removal. We understand how difficult removing these items will be for your family member. Our team is here to help them determine what items have value and which ones they can get rid of.

Sensitive Cleaning Professionals

Going into a home where the owner may not be a fan of us being there because they don’t want to get rid of any belongings is a common situation that our hoarding removal experts know how to deal with. First and foremost, we do not draw any unnecessary attention to the home. Our cleaning team will arrive at the home in unmarked vehicles so that our cleaning services are discreet. Also, our staff works with lots of insurance companies that help offset some of the hoarding cleanup expenses. At Crime Scene Clean, our goal is to make the hoarding removal and cleanup process as smooth as it can possibly be for the individual.

Hoarding Can Affect Health

The pileup of belongings, food, trash, etc., can cause health issues for individuals living in the home. Hoarding causes air pollutants in the home to rise due to excessive dust and lack of cleaning. Our team can handle the cleanup of bodily fluids, animal waste, trash and other bio-hazards that can be dangerous. Additionally, there may not be accessible walkways throughout the home. What would happen if a fire occurred in the home? Does your family member have a clear path to get out of their residence? Crime Scene Clean can help boost these living conditions in a positive way so that the health risks are limited in the future.

Hoarding is a real issue for many Americans. If your family member struggles with hoarding and their living conditions are continuing to get worse, it is time for you to seek professional cleaning assistance. This is not a project that you should tackle on your own. Instead, leave it up to our hoarding removal and cleanup professionals at Crime Scene Clean. If you are in TX, give us a call today at (866) 232-4197 to learn more about our certified hoarding cleaners.