Does a dead body stink?

YES! Human decomposition has to be the worst smell ever. Have you ever had rotten meat in your fridge and it turned your stomach? Human decomposition is about the same. I love it when people say that an animal smells worse than a human being. Rotting meat is rotting meat! Doesn’t matter if it’s human or animal. Meat will stink! Instead of trying to walk you through the decomposition process, I can honestly tell you that meat is meat! Go to the grocery store and buy some beef, pork, and chicken livers, whatever you can afford to waste your money on. Open the packages and pile up the meat so the maggots will start racing to it to lay their eggs. Let it rot for a few days, or a week if you are a patient individual. No matter how long you let it sit in the sun rotting, it is going to smell BAD! When it smells so bad you are ready to puke, Then that my friend is the smell of a dead body.

Human Decomposition and dead body smell

When a person dies, the body immediately begins to decompose and the smell is horrible The body will begin to smell and bloat due to gases created by microorganisms during the stages of human decomposition.

I personally received a call for an unattended death in Denver, Colorado. The mas passed away a year earlier and the home didn’t even smell at all like human decomposition. I can remember the two brothers that wouldn’t check up on their father while he was sick. They were fist fighting in the front yard on what they wanted and who got the house, car, and other personal items. I had to break up the fight with these two. I was only saddened by the thought of how much this man suffered before he passed. His skeleton was found in the hallway in front of the bathroom. The poor man didn’t even have anyone that cared enough to make a phone call and check on him. Instead, he was found a year later in the hallway because the lady next door hadn’t seen him in some time. LIKE A WHOLE YEAR! Please pay attention to your neighbors and family members as sometimes they need help. Don’t be like the two brothers that were fighting over their father’s possessions. Cold hearted people are never happy and don’t deserve good people around them. What does a dead body smell like? HORRIBLE!

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What does a dead body smell like?