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When it comes to real estate, it’s easy to deny the true condition of a home. It’s easy to say that things aren’t that bad or that the house just needs some cosmetic repairs, but the reality is that hoarder houses are difficult to identify. However, here’s how to determine if your property is a single-family home. We Buy Hoarder Homes!

  • A pile of items covers the window
  • The balcony and entrance are dirty
  • There is a pungent odor that can be noticed even from outside the premises.
  • Both the front and back gardens are in disrepair.
  • Having treasure hunters on your property is a difficult reality to accept. Hoarder homes can be shockingly shabby and feel like they’re haunted. If you’re a landlord dealing with a hoarder, you’re probably feeling trapped or stranded. Realizing and confirming that there is actually a hoarder living on your property is a rude awakening for you. Not all “hamsters” will cooperate with the landlord. Fortunately, there is hope even in this worst-case scenario.
  • It is also possible to sell the hoarded house as is. Choosing this home selling strategy will help you avoid the hassles associated with hoarders and their belongings. The best way to sell your home as-is is to talk to a real estate investment company.

Crime scene Clean Buys Distressed Properties – We Buy Hoarder Homes

We Buy Hoarder Homes

Meth Lab Houses

When dealing with properties where drug activity has occurred, it is important to protect yourself, your team, and potential customers. When it comes to meth-related properties, California has strict health and safety laws to protect people. Remediation may need to be carried out on the land before someone is allowed to occupy it, and there may be health problems for those who enter the land without proper protection. For this reason, public viewings will certainly not be possible until appropriate measures are taken to restore the house.

In other cases of substance abuse, you should also be careful when holding open houses. In some cases, these affected properties may be located in undesirable areas or may be frequented by criminals. Especially if the last occupant left in a hurry.