Crime Scene Clean of Texas provides on-the-spot, immediate assistance for a wide array of clean-up oriented matters. Among the less well known services offered by Crime Scene Clean—most likely because the name of the esteemed company communicates the essential services it provides—is clean-up as a result of serious water damage.
If you discover that you have a leak in the roof of your house, and that leak has been slowly letting water into your attic and seeping into the rafters of your home, resulting in water stains on your ceilings, you can contact the staff of Crime Scene Clean for a consultation. If a storm has damaged your roof and the problems left in its wake are more acute, Crime Scene Clean will be on the scene in no time and ready to clean up the mess.

Water damage can occur in any part of your house and for any number of reasons. In addition to those listed above, other common issues include:

● Leaks from washing machine hoses that go undetected and slowly damage floors.
● Leaks from water lines leading into refrigerators that seep under kitchen floors and create moldy messes that can also be health hazards if left unattended.
● Broken water lines leading into your house from your water source (city or well) that cause flooding of basements.
● Failed water heaters that flood basements, garages, or other spaces in which they are kept.

Certified Water Damage Cleanup Crew

Water is impossible to live without, and we are fortunate that it has become a modern convenience that we can most often take for granted. But because it is a fluid, it can be difficult to control. We may think of a service like Crime Scene Clean mainly in response to tragedies, and rightly so—Crime Scene Clean has established itself as one of the premier crime-scene clean-up services in Texas because of its professionalism. And though you may not consider a slow water leak in the same way that you would think of the aftermath of a chemical spill or a violent crime, once you discover the results of that slow leak, you will want a company like Crime Scene Clean to respond as quickly as possible.

24/7 Water Damage Cleanup

And Crime Scene Clean will do exactly that. You can count on Crime Scene Clean to be available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year. If water has damaged your home—no matter how it has occurred—consider contacting Crime Scene Clean at 866-232-4197 to provide the 24/7 clean-up service that you need.