Crime Scene Clean serves Brownsville, Texas, among many other communities, and offers the very important service of Hoarding Cleanup. The staff can return a home damaged by hoarding to a more livable state. Homes damaged by hoarding can create serious problems, not just for the person or people with the hoarding problem, but for the structure of the house itself. Depending on what is being hoarded, the weight on floors and other parts of the house’s frame can cause serious damage that can lead to the home’s condemnation by city and/or state authorities. Hoarding also presents a more immediate problem with threats to hygiene and health, and therefore homes that have hoarders living in them must be dealt with as soon as possible.

Biohazard Cleanup, Brownsville TX

The staff of Crime Scene Clean has the training and expertise to respond to hoarding issues. Our crew is trained to be sensitive to the unique issues presented by the inhabitants of such homes. We have experience cleaning piles of trash, rotten food, pet waste, body fluids and other debris. These items make a living environment a biohazard risk, meaning that they can transmit disease to those who are not properly protected. The Crime Scene Clean crew has the appropriate equipment, cleaning agents and protective gear to handle even the most difficult hoarding scene. Our crew will thoroughly clean, sanitize, disinfect and restore the area to safety.

The family members of hoarders are not likely to be prepared to clean a home where severe hoarding is occurring. Many individuals who hoard struggle with getting rid of things on their own and need assistance and support from others. In addition to providing thorough cleanup services, we can also help clients remove items from property and dispose of them properly.

Hoarding Cleanup, Texas

Cleaning hoarding homes in Texas and all over the country is one specialty of the staff of Crime Scene Clean. Crime Scene Clean can also be counted on for many other services involving hazardous spills, bodily fluids, residues from all manner of tragedies and accidents that threaten the health of inhabitants. Crime Scene Clean will also sanitize locations that have been exposed to diseases as a result of the presence of blood and/or other bodily fluids.

In addition to offering top notch professional cleaning services, the staff of Crime Scene Clean is trained extensively and they strive to exhibit care, compassion, and professionalism even in the most sensitive, tragic and stressful situations. Call Crime Scene Clean at 866-232-4197 anytime, 24/7 if you need any type of professional cleanup services.