Crime Scene Clean offers a wide variety of cleaning services for the residents of Texas. One area of focus that often carries a stigma and may not get appropriate attention and compassion from our society is hoarding cleanup. Our staff specializes in returning a home that has been damaged by hoarding to a more livable state. The Crime Scene Clean team has the training and expertise to respond to hoarding issues. Hoarding is defined as a disease that impacts thousands in our country and our team is trained to be sensitive to the unique issues presented by the inhabitants of such homes.

24/7 Hoarding Cleanup Texas

The knowledge that there is a service like Crime Scene Clean should provide great comfort to people who may be in need of this kind of service. If hoarding has affected your life or the life of a close family member or friend, taking the first step toward getting healthier can be difficult and intimidating. The Crime Scene Clean team provides a compassionate, sensitive and supportive approach to hoarding cleanup, making sure that valuable items are kept and helping to discard those items that are no longer needed. We understand that you or your loved one may have difficulty distinguishing between what is valuable and what is not — our crew will provide careful guidance in this area.

Homes damaged by hoarding can create serious problems, not just for the person with the hoarding problem, but for the physical integrity of the home or apartment. Depending on what is being hoarded, the weight on floors and other parts of the house’s frame can cause serious damage that can in some cases lead to structural collapse. In more severe situations, a home can be condemned by authorities. Hoarding also creates threats to hygiene and health and is often a biohazard risk, meaning that bacteria and other dangerous organisms can spread if not cleaned professionally. Our team will dispose of any bodily fluids and animal waste, piles, trash, and other bio-hazards that can affect individuals. For the health and safety of those living in a hoarding home, the situation must be dealt with quickly and professionally.

Restore Hoarding Environment

In addition to help sorting and removing items from a hoarding scene, Crime Scene Clean will also clean, disinfect and sanitize areas that have been impacted so that the home or property is restored to a safe and livable state once again.

The nature of hoarding is not sudden. It occurs over time. And for reasons that may never be fully understood, hoarding can affect people you would never suspect could be susceptible to such things. But there’s no shame in suffering from the problem of hoarding; there is simply a need to deal with it as soon as possible, and Crime Scene Clean is the company to help you, anytime, day or night.