If your refrigerator or freezer fails on you, either because of an electricity problem or because the appliance malfunctions, you will quickly find that your food spoils and begins to smell. In addition, it will also grow unhealthy bacteria, mold and other spores and cleaning and disinfecting the area so that it can be safely used again is extremely difficult.  Crime Scene Clean can help complete this difficult task so that you can be confident that a refrigerator or freezer is completely clean and safe for food storage.

Refrigerator And Freezer Cleanup Services Dallas/Fort Worth

Crime Scene Clean’s professional refrigerator and freezer cleanup services includes the following steps:

  1. Carefully remove and dispose of all rotten food and beverages.
  2. Clean, sanitize and disinfect entire appliance and eliminate all mold spores as well as any associated odors. We use professional grade cleaning products that removes all traces of rotten food, bacteria, mold and other spores.  We repeat as necessary to ensure you’re left with a fully sanitized appliance.
  3. Our team can also remove any refrigerator or freezer from your property if it is no longer in working order.

The experienced cleanup professionals at Crime Scene Clean are trained in OSHA and EPA cleaning techniques, and also have experience with all types of biohazard cleanup including crime scenes, unattended deaths, hoarder houses and flood damage.  We are in the business of cleaning, disinfecting and restoring even the most difficult scenes and a refrigerator or freezer is not a difficult task for us, but we recognize it may be for you. The longer you wait, the more difficult the fridge and freezer cleanup process will be, so do not delay!  Our team can take care of this cleanup so that you can use the appliance again safely and without worrying that it is still contaminated.

Expert Professional Cleanup Services

Crime Scene Clean will also respond to your need quickly, professionally, and with great attention to offering you the best possible customer service.  We serve those living and working in the Dallas/Fort Worth area 24/7/365.  We understand that issues come up in the middle of the night, on weekends and/or on holidays so we are available any time to help with a wide variety of professional cleanup services including crime scene cleanup, biohazard cleanup, blood cleanup, natural death cleanup, hoarding cleanup, animal cleanup, water damage cleanup in addition to fridge and freezer cleanup.  Call us at 1-866-232-4197 anytime you need professional cleanup services.