Our staff at Crime Scene Clean in Texas is known for our ability to restore a scene after a trauma or where some truly gruesome things have happened to a state of safety. And the reputation we have earned is justified. From scenes where murders or suicides have left behind bodily fluids and body parts to scenes where dangerous, biohazardous chemicals have been spilled, our staff at Crime Scene Clean has proven that we are capable of transforming scenes of great tragedy to their previous, safe states. We employ only the most cutting-edge, professional techniques with equipment and cleaning chemicals that are specific to our profession. And, each member of our team is trained, certified and experienced to demonstrate our professionalism in every situation in which he is asked to do our work.

Certified Fridge and Freezer Cleanup Experts

And, not all scenes where we complete our work are tragic. We also have the ability to help you with less tragic, but also truly disgusting, cleanup problems. If you discover that your refrigerator or freezer has failed, you will want to contact us immediately to make sure the appliance is properly sanitized or removed from your location to ensure the safety of you and your family.

It happens more frequently than you may know that people return home from vacation and discover that their fridge has failed while they were away. All of the perishable food contained in it has spoiled and in extreme cases the remnants have begun to ooze out of the fridge and onto your floor. Failed freezers that are kept in the garage can be even worse because they tend to store more meat, which allows bacteria to grow in abundance. If your garage freezer is still in working order, we’ll sanitize it and ensure that odors do not linger. If the freezer has failed and cannot be repaired, we’ll remove it from your location so that it’s no longer a problem for you.

Broken Freezer Cleanup

If you discover that your fridge has failed and you do not have the skills, tools, or ability to perform the cleanup yourself, contact us at Crime Scene Clean to do it for you. We do have the skills, tools, cleaning solutions and ability to clean the scene properly and thoroughly. Furthermore, we will respond quickly and will complete the job so that you can all but forget about the gruesome discovery.

The circumstances we respond to do not need to be tragic in order to require immediate attention. So if your refrigerator or freezer has failed, and you’re now dealing with the aftermath, give us a call 866-232-4197 and we’ll help get your home back to its previous state.