There were more than 35,000 car accident fatalities in 2015, according to the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety, and additional instances in which an individual meets the end of their life inside a vehicle (on way to hospital, unexpected health event, or suicide). Cleaning a vehicle after a death is an extremely difficult task that should always be handled by a professional cleaning team, equipped with the necessary equipment and gear to do it safely. Crime Scene Clean can provide this type of professional cleaning services for those in the Buffalo Springs, Texas area.

Vehicle Cleanup Team

The aftermath of a car accident or other tragedy that results in human death inside a vehicle presents a biohazard risk to anyone exposed to the scene before it has been fully cleaned, sanitized and restored to safety. Blood and body fluids present in the vehicle can transmit disease and bacteria to human contact. Common blood borne diseases and STDs include Hepatitis, HIV and AIDS.

Blood spatter and other body fluids can be present in all areas of the vehicle because of the compact size of the area. The Crime Scene Clean biohazard cleaning team is professionally trained and certified in OSHA and EPA crime scene cleaning guidelines. After the first responders have done their job and gathered the information and evidence needed and the body is removed, our crew will clean the area immediately so normalcy can be restored and you and your family can move forward. We can handle all aspects of the cleaning process including removal and disposal of any materials that are not salvageable and thorough disinfecting and sanitation. We always block off the entire area while we complete our work, so that no one is unnecessarily exposed to bacteria and disease.

Experienced Crime Scene Cleanup Team

Our crew is also always sensitive to the difficult circumstances at hand, respectful of your privacy and discreet when necessary. We can handle even the most horrific scenes, in vehicles, homes, apartments, commercial sites or even outdoors. We understand that this is a difficult time for you and your family so we do the work that you should not. Crime Scene Clean responds 24/7/365 and will clean the affected area so that you can focus on the many other important details like contacting family and loved ones. For more information about all Crime Scene Clean services, call our team today at 888-232-4197.