Without question, cleaning a crime scene can be an extremely difficult task for anyone isn’t trained for crime scene cleanup. Without the right crime scene cleaning products and experience, properly cleaning a crime scene, removing all chemicals or substances from your property is virtually impossible. Crime scene cleanups can also be emotional endeavors, so if you’re not mentally prepared to clean your property, don’t put yourself through the turmoil of cleaning up the remnants of events you’d sooner forget. Instead, contact Crime Scene Clean, and let us take care of your Dallas-Fort Worth crime scene cleanup needs so that you don’t have to.

OSHA and EPA Certified Crime Scene Cleanup Company

When we encounter a crime scene, we know that there is always a risk of encountering infectious or hazardous material left behind, but as OSHA and EPA certified crime scene cleanup professionals, we have the technology, training, and expertise to safely remove crime scene substances from your property without risk to you, your property, ourselves, or the outside environment. We use proper extraction and disposal techniques, following OSHA and EPA crime scene cleanup regulations by utilizing safe crime scene substance disposal methods to eliminate each substance we encounter in the best possible way.

24-Hour Crime Scene Cleanup

You simple can’t plan for a crime scene cleanup. Crimes happen suddenly and without our expecting them, making calling in a crime scene cleanup team difficult, especially if you’re in need of a late-night crime scene cleanup. That’s where we come in. At Crime Scene Clean, we offer 24-hour crime scene cleanup services all year round. We’re the crime scene cleanup company open on holidays, and we’re available at any time of day, whenever you need us. We know that crime scene cleanups can be stressful, emotional, and extremely difficult without the right mindset, tools, and cleaning products, and that’s why we want to give you a break by providing all of these for you whenever you need us.

Insurance-Covered Crime Scene Cleanup

Until you need a crime scene cleanup service, you never think about what it will cost to hire a crime scene cleanup company because it just isn’t something we all budget for. Thankfully, crime scene cleanup services are covered by insurance companies, which means that when you call us in, you’ll have an insurance-covered crime scene cleanup company on the job, who will require little to no compensation from you. The most you may have to pay is a small deductible, removing the financial strain of hiring a professional service and giving you one less thing to worry about. We’ll ensure that you don’t have to worry about anything involved in the crime scene cleanup process, from the cleaning itself to chemical disposal. If you’re in need of Fort Worth or Dallas, TX crime scene cleanup services, contact Crime Scene Clean today at 866-232-4197, and give your property the cleaning it needs to get back to its former state.

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