When your property is the site of a crime scene, it can often be a lengthy and sometimes dangerous task cleaning the entire property yourself. With any crime scene, you run the risk of exposing yourself to biohazardous materials and other dangerous substances. Rather than risk injuring yourself or becoming ill because of something left in your property at a crime scene, call in our professional crime scene cleanup crew in Albany, TX, and leave the dirty work to us. At Crime Scene Clean, we have experience cleaning up crime scenes of every variety, from crime scenes with chemical waste to medical waste, crime scenes with biohazardous material, and even murder scenes. Whatever has happened on your property, whether it’s a commercial or residential crime scene cleanup you need, we’re here to handle the cleanup quickly and discreetly with as little inconvenience to you as possible.

Certified OSHA and EPA Crime Scene Cleanup

The only way to be sure you’re getting a quality crime scene cleanup company that will thoroughly, discreetly, and completely clean your property is to hire an OSHA and EPA certified crime scene cleanup company. Without a company that’s properly certified, you could be left with a team of people who might know what they’re doing but who could easily cut corners, risking your health and the health of anyone who enters your property. To be sure your property is livable, safe, and sanitary, we follow proper OSHA and EPA crime scene cleanup procedures, making us the reliable choice, backed by certified professionalism.

Insurance-Covered Crime Scene Cleanup

One of the last things you should be worrying about when you’re looking for a crime scene cleanup crew to make your home or business usable again is not how much it’s going to cost you. The stress of finding your property is the site of a crime scene and wondering what types of substances you might find is enough, and worrying about the cost of crime scene cleanups is something no one should have to think about at a time of high stress. That’s why we provide insurance-covered crime scene cleanup services, helping you forget about the cost and think only of the cleanliness of your property. The most you’ll ever have to pay for the cleanup is your deductible – nothing more, and no hidden fees that your insurance won’t cover!

Crime Scene Substances We Clean

At Crime Scene Clean, we deal with all kinds of cleanups that are often necessary in crime scenes, including:
• Biohazard cleanups
• Blood cleanups
• Animal cleanups
• Medical Waste Cleanups

To get in touch with our Albany, Texas crime scene cleanup crew, contact us today at 866-232-4197. With 24/7 emergency crime scene cleanup services available, you can depend on having a fast and thorough cleanup service that will be there whenever you need us, ensuring your commercial or residential property can be used again as soon as possible.