Having to deal with a crime scene clean up may have never crossed your mind. Although these are events that you can never prepare for, and are often overwhelming to deal with after the fact, that is why Crime Scene Clean is here to help. We are a professional BIO cleaning service based out of Garland, Texas and understand that these incidents are extremely sensitive, and we know the importance of confidentiality and the necessary steps to take to properly clean your space.

Crime Scene Clean provides service for many different biohazard cleaning scenarios, and will work with anyone who is seeking them. All of our staff is highly trained and we are certified in OSHA and EPA cleaning regulations, which is extremely important when dealing with different spills, death, blood, animals, sewage water, and even fridge and freezer clean-up. We ensure you that our team performs all our cleans with the utmost professionalism.

Our team is passionate about helping people with their tough situations. Many times, people feel embarrassed by their situation, but there is nothing our team has not seen and although we are sensitive to the hard times, we are professionals in the field and are prepared for anything. Furthermore, all of our trucks are unmarked to ensure that we are anonymous when we come to your residents, and you will not have to answer unwanted questions.

Crime Scene Clean provides crime scene cleanup services for anyone who has recently suffered a traumatic event, or anyone who is experienced a crime on your property. It is common for people to try and cleanup these scenes themselves, and it is important for people to hire a professional to make sure that no blood-born pathogens are left behind. It can be extremely dangerous to clean toxic messes on your own. We make sure to take every necessary precaution to ensure you that infections are not spread, and utilize state of the art cleaning technique. We wear protective gear, block off the area and also remove any materials that cannot be salvaged. This process is in place to guarantee that no one will get sick following the cleanup of the scene.

We work with insurance companies so that there will be no out-of-pocket expenses for you when we perform our cleaning services. Contact us today for any clean up services you need. In most cases we can be there within 24 hours so that the area can be returned to a safe and habitable conditions