At Crime Scene Clean- we work in “at risk” areas every day. We are highly trained to understand the dangers of even a one time exposure to any biohazardous material. All of our staff wears specially designed protective equipment to take the proper steps to avoid risking our safety or spreading contamination throughout a property and outside the property. Many people are not fully aware of the dangers that might occur with a crime scene, blood spill, sewage spill, etc. If spills are not properly cleaned, you can potentially put yourself and others are serious risk. When something happens, even if you may feel embarrassed about the situation, we are trained professionals and will provide you with the necessary cleaning for your situation.

Housing down a biohazardous material is not enough to ensure you that you are safe. In today’s world, there are many diseases, and with people living closely together, it is necessary to make sure that each spill is cleaned up properly to not spread disease. It is important to educate the public, and provide each customer with the appropriate service that they need to make sure their property is clean.

Biohazard Regulations

In carrying out biohazard remediation work, At Crime Scene Clean we are certified in both OSHA and EPA. These same regulations and guidelines affect any person who is potentially exposed to hazardous biological fluids or materials.

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration): oversees employee safety, and has established rules to protect workers who come into contact with blood or biological fluids. These rules include the proper use of protective gear such as full-bodysuits, booties, gloves and respirators, as well as regular safety training and mandatory offering of vaccinations. See “Responsibilities” below for a more complete list of regulations.

EPA – (Environmental Protection Agency) The federal and state environmental agencies regulate the disposal of blood and biological materials to avoid potential negative environmental impacts. All such materials must be handled in accordance with rules established by both the environmental agencies as well as other federal departments.

Crime Scene Clean will come to any location that needs our services. We work with businesses such as hotels and motels, industrial buildings, and homes and apartments to help you with your needs. We are also insured and bonded, and work with your insurance company. We provide our crime scene cleanup services to many southern states and cities, including Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and more. Contact us today and we will get to work.