Crime Scene Clean is known for its ability to return homes to livability after violence or tragedy has taken place, but that is not the only service Crime Scene Clean provides to the many communities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Crime Scene Clean is also able to help restore homes that have been infested with animals, including pets or wild animals such as rats and mice, and wildlife that take up residence in your home without your permission. The team at Crime Scene Clean is the animal cleanup experts of the greater DFW metropolitan area. Regardless of the type of animal, Crime Scene Clean has the professional skill and practical experience to help you solve your problem.

Wild Animal Cleanup TX

If you notice anything that resembles rodent or animal droppings in or around your home, you contact the Crime Scene Clean staff as soon as possible. Most of us are understandably disgusted by the presence of droppings in our homes, but not all of us understand the dangers of these droppings. Animal droppings can communicate disease to humans. It is also possible to be affected by—and infected with—airborne components of animal waste. It is therefore necessary to understand the importance of proper cleanup and disinfection. If you do not have professional experience in rodent removal and clean-up, you are not likely to be able to do a thorough enough job to ensure that the affected area has been properly sanitized.

Our staff understands that a home may be overrun with pets or you may have a wild animal that has taken up residence without your permission. Regardless of the source, our team recognizes that we share ecosystems with animals of all kinds. And the staff also understands that the reason wild animals infest or invade your home is that we have invaded theirs. Very few people wish to share their homes with bats, mice, rats, or any of the other wild animals, so our staff has developed the skills necessary to remove all remains, droppings and any other biohazards left behind without exposing you and your family to toxic substances during the removal process.

Animal Sanitation 24/7

In addition to communicating disease, pet waste and wild animal droppings can do significant damage to your property. If you have an emergency related to an animal filth problem, Crime Scene Clean is available at any time of day and will respond with great speed. Call our professional, discreet and responsive staff at 866-232-4197.