Unattended Death & Suicide Cleanup In Fort Madison Iowa

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When an unattended death in Fort Madison has occurred, the cleanup and disinfection must be performed by a professionally trained company to protect everyone at the home or business. Not only is the loss itself an emotional situation for the family and friends, but the aftermath of an unattended death can be very challenging to clean, disinfect, and remove all decomposition odor. The most common types of unattended deaths include:

  • Suicides
  • Homicides
  • Natural deaths
  • Accidental
  • Medical accidents
  • Trauma scenes


Unattended Deaths In Fort Madison – Decomposition Process

When an unattended death occurs, the body begins to decompose15 minutes after the heart stops beating, if the body lays there undiscovered for days or possibly weeks, widespread contamination will occur in the property, and blood and other bodily fluids will leak out and contaminate flooring, walls, and additionally, an infestation of flies will occur and lay their eggs in and around the decomposing body which in turn, produces maggots and will speed up the decomposition process.

We Are Compassionate! Unattended Death Cleanup Fort Madison, Iowa

Crime Scene Cleanup Of Fort Madison removes all bodily fluids and disinfects the property. We show up at your location with unmarked vehicles for the privacy of our clients in need of our services. We accept homeowners insurance which will help with the costs of removal and restoration of the property. Our cleaning crew is very fast, compassionate, and experienced in dealing with families while remediating the property.

Our team is always there for you anytime day or night for questions about our services. We will be with you every step of the way. We are very understanding about the situation you are facing. Let us help you! Our dispatchers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Fort Madison, Iowa. Call Now!

Unattended Death Cleanup Fort Madison, Iowa

Unattended Death Cleanup In Fort Madison, Iowa