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Unattended Death Cleanup. Do you need unattended death cleanup services in San Antonio, Texas? Crime Scene Cleanup Of San Antonio is a local company that can be at your location in 30 minutes for all biohazard emergencies. We are fast, discreet, and compassionate. Our local team is trained and experienced in cleaning up after crime scenes, suicides, unattended deaths, medical accidents. We are just a phone call away! Unattended Death Cleanup San Antonio

Media – Unattended Death Cleanup San Antonio TX

Media buffs with a passion for movies and TV shows focusing on crimes know that professionals within the ranks of law enforcement and auxiliary medical offices are routinely called to sites in response to unattended deaths being found. Officials don protective gear as they bag and tag evidence, collect clues and evidence. Regardless of the cause of death — suicides; homicide; natural death –, the real work begins after authorities have left the scene.

That’s where we come in! Unattended Death Cleanup San Antonio TX

At Crime Scene Cleanup Of San Antonio, our primary responsibility begins when we send our expertly trained crews to the scene to undertake a thorough cleaning of the area. This is a significant task since the scene in which suicides; homicide; natural death can occur may be in public places, residences, or offices. The job is harder than it looks, and very specific protocols must be followed to restore the area in accordance with legal protocols.

What happens to a body once death occurs?

In unattended death cleanup situations — and depending upon the length of time that transpires between the demise and discovery of the body – biochemical actions have already begun to take place in the body. The human decomposition process begins quickly and once it does, bodies release substances from the gastrointestinal system. Bacteria emitted from this discharge is both hazardous and harmful, which is why we arrive on the scene properly dressed in biohazard suits and accessories for our safety and yours.

4 steps we take to restore an unattended death cleanup in San Antonio TX

1. If we’ve been called to a crime scene site, our first responsibility is to make sure we have permission from the police to get the job started. We assess everything in the vicinity to see what can be salvaged and what must be thrown out because it has been too contaminated to save. We are well trained in the art of making these decisions and pay particular attention to carpet, bedding, furnishings, and mattresses since these are the areas most often impacted by human decomposition regardless of the cause of death.

2. After removing contaminated items, our next job is to use specially formulated chemicals made just for unattended death cleanup tasks to scour and deodorize impacted areas of the home or office. Items are placed in sterile containers so they can be properly disposed of at dump sites handling hazardous waste materials and every surface is methodically disinfected to remove odors and other contaminated materials.

3. At Crime Scene Cleanup we specialize in compassionate customer service. Grieving family members may be at the scene, especially in instances where the unattended death was due to natural causes or suicide. This interaction can be especially delicate as those who love the recently departed are likely to be inconsolable and confused and we are there to serve their emotional needs, too.

4. We may be called upon to discuss the cost of the cleanup with family members at the site of an unattended death cleanup. This requires tact, sensitivity, and discretion for the duration of the time we spend at the scene. We also inquire into homeowner’s insurance coverage because, in many cases, all or some of our services may be covered so grieving family members may not have to bear this financial burden alone.

Compassionate Biohazard Team – Unattended death cleanup San Antonio TX

We want our clients to know that they have choices when it comes to arranging for unattended death cleanup services, but our business ethics, a profound sense of responsibility, and devotion to undertaking the best job possible is no shallow claim. At Crime Scene Cleanup Of San Antonio, every client receives individual attention and services.

This is no time to rely on ordinary cleaning teams for unattended death cleanup San Antonio TX

When you hire inexperienced teams to return your property to its former healthy state could be disastrous. You risk the health and safety of everyone encountering surfaces impacted by the unattended death cleanup scene. Pathogens, bacteria, and viruses not eliminated with proper cleaning solutions and techniques can lead to serious infections, not the least of which are HIV, Hepatitis, MRSA, and other serious threats to human health.

There may be permanent stains and damage to building materials resulting from the human decomposition that is not detected by the untrained eye because even when a stain is removed, that doesn’t mean the surfaces below have been disinfected. Powerful odors resulting from human decomposition require advanced technology to neutralize them.

You and your loved ones deserve the best

At Crime Scene Cleanup Of San Antonio, we know that mediating every type of odor remaining from decomposition requires precision. Further, the most advanced tools and chemicals – ozone generators and hydroxyl technology, for example – can make all the difference in the world in areas that you want to be able to reoccupy down the road.

Further, we never rest on our laurels. We stay abreast of the latest products and equipment to reassure clients that our methods and techniques are solid. Our licenses, permits, relationships with medical and other professionals are assets you can count on. We our careful handling of biohazards during the removal, disinfection, cleaning, and odor removal processes are cutting edge.

Most of all, you can rely upon us and trust us with what could be the single most devastating experience that faces you. When you need help most, we are on your side and ready to help you get through this time with a strong commitment to your welfare. We answer when you call! (866) 232-4197


Unattended Death Cleanup San Antonio TX