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When an unattended death has occurred, it is extremely important that trained technicians to complete the proper decontamination and remediation in order to protect the current and any future occupants of the home or business in which the incident occurred.Unattended Death Clean Up Little Rock

One of the most challenging and grim situations biohazard cleaning specialists are faced with is human decomposition, where an individual dies and isn’t found for weeks or sometimes even months. If left neglected, even the smallest amount of biological waste may lead to serious damage in the home. Airborne bacteria cause lingering odors that, in addition to extreme decomposition odor, can impact both the safety and well being of future occupants.

Human Decomposition – Unattended Death

In the case of an unattended death scene, the deceased begins to decompose only 30 minutes after the heart stops beating, and if left for days or weeks, contamination will occur in the property including body fluids seeping into the flooring, walls, sub-flooring, and furnishings throughout the home. Additionally, an infestation of maggots will occur and begin to consume the decomposing body which in turn, speeds up the decomposition process.

Our team at Crime Scene Clean Of Little Rock specializes in unattended death clean up, Suicide Cleanup, Homicide Cleanup, and Hoarding Cleanup where there is a crucial need for discretion and compassion to the family and loved ones that are involved. As with other death scenes that involve exposure to blood or other dangerous bodily fluids, there are risks involved when handling all unattended death scenes. Our Biohazard cleaning specialists are on call at any time to remediate any situation that may arrive from such traumatic events.

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Unattended Death
Unattended Death Clean Up In Little Rock, Arkansas