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Crime Scene Clean Of Jacksonville offers professional hoarding clean-up services to help with extreme cleaning situations. Our cleaning company is discreet and deals with these sensitive problems in a compassionate and non-judgmental manner. We will work with social workers and families who are involved in the case to ensure the job goes smoothly and everyone is safe. We also work closely with banks, apartments, landlords, and property management companies to resolve problems. Jacksonville Hoarding Cleanup!

Compassionate and discreet! Jacksonville Hoarding Cleanup

Crime Scene Clean Of Jacksonville will ensure the home is cleaned, sanitized, and organized, and will become a safe and healthy living environment once again. We will help the hoarder find the proper resources to resolve their hoarding issues.

About Hoarding – Jacksonville Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarding is a mental illness that can lead to severe damage and problems in an individual’s home. Crime Scene Clean Of Jacksonville has over 20 years of experience dealing with homes and properties that have been affected by hoarding. If you, a family member, or a renter needs help cleaning a home in Jacksonville, our experts offer professional hoarding cleanup services day or night 24/7 in Florida.

Levels Of Hoarding

Level 1 Hoarding

The first level of residential hoarding is the least cleaning possible. The home of a level 1 hoarder might include:

  • Small amounts of clutter and no serious signs of a problem. Just a little unorganized.
  • All areas in the home are accessible and no odor issues
  • A small amount of animal fecal matter or urine.

Level 1 hoarded properties involve very few signs that a person has a hoarding problem. The lack of hoarded items might cover up the hoarding condition, but the individual may still have a really hard time discarding the items and shop daily for items they do not need. We usually find that only one person will be responsible for a hoarding condition in a home. Partners and other family members just deal with the situation.

Level 2 Hoarding

Hoarding level 2 will be a little worse than Level 1. This level can contain blocked entrances to exit the home at all times. This can be a dangerous situation when an emergency happens. Another problem can be when a water heater bursts and the property becomes flooded and mold will set in very quickly. This can be a serious breathing issue and needs to be remediated as soon as possible.

Level 2 Hoarding involves additional clutter around the property, specifically in one or more rooms. There must also be at least a slight amount of mildew in one bathroom or the kitchen. Other issues include:

  • Pet odors
  • Fecal matter and urine
  • Filled litter boxes
  • Hoarding animals
  • Rat infestations
  • Overflowing trash cans
  • Dirty kitchen surfaces

People within hoarding level 2 are embarrassed by their living conditions and refuse to let family members or friends visit the home. This level of hoarding may cause serious anxiety or depression and lead to withdrawal from social interaction. We have also seen instances where hoarders will not participate in social events or even be on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Level 3 Hoarding

Level 3 Hoarding conditions have visible clutter outside of the home, including items that are usually indoors (such as personal items and pets). Appliances are going bad and the hoarder can’t replace them because they do not want any repairmen in their home. The number of pets exceeds code regulations, and animal cages and fish tanks become neglected and the animals get sick or die. Visible rats and other rodent feces, fleas, spider webs, and narrow pathways through the entire home. Other issues include:

  • Limited to one bathroom
  • Rotten food in the kitchen and a foul odor throughout the home
  • Excessive dust and dirt
  • Dirty clothes
  • The hoarder has clutter piled up so you cant get access to electrical plugs and light switches
  • Overflowing garbage cans in every room
  • Odors throughout the house

A person with a level 3 hoarding condition often has poor personal hygiene and weight issues due to an unhealthy diet. An individual in this stage of hoarding may become angry when approached by friends or family members about cleaning up their home ASAP.

Level 4 Hoarding

Hoarding level 4 conditions have noticeable mold and mildew throughout the home, structural damage that needs to be repaired right away, very foul odors, and sewage backup. The number of animals exceeds regulations by at least five, and there are areas with old animal feces and urine. The bedroom is unusable and rotting food is on most surfaces. Other issues include:

  • outdated food, sour milk, and rotting dairy products
  • Most dishes are dirty and stacked up high
  • Bed bugs, lice, and other infestations are visible
  • Excessive fecal matter and spider webs throughout the home
  • Rat infestations and other rodents in the home
  • Most doorways are blocked
  • Outside hoarding is visible

Hoarders with hoarding level 4 conditions have very poor personal hygiene and may not shower or take a bath for weeks in not months. These individuals often have mental health issues and focus on hoarding items instead of trying to get help from a therapist.

Level 5 Hoarding

Hoarding level 5 is the most severe type of hoarding disorder. This involves severe structural damage to the home, feces everywhere, rotting food, dead animals, and signs of rodent infestation. No electricity or running water can be an issue when cleaning up after a hoarded property. Other signs include:

  • Clutter filling the home almost to the ceiling and a trail is created throughout the home
  • Pets and other rodents are dead in the home
  • Noticeableanimal and human feces and urine in the home
  • Rotting food on surfaces and inside a non-working refrigerator

With level 5 hoarding conditions, severe depression is usually the problem and needs to be addressed very quickly. Sometimes an individual is found deceased in the home. This is called an unattended death and is quite common with hoarders at this level. Due to the extreme hoarding conditions, the hoarder is sometimes not discovered for days, weeks, or even months. Human decomposition has set in and the home is in really bad condition and a strong death odor is all through the house.

In most cases, there will be hundreds if not thousands of flies and maggots throughout the home. In some cases, the hoarder does not live at their residence due to the clutter but rather stays at a friend’s or family member’s house to get away from the filth. They might discharge their waste into bottles or buckets that remain inside the home. We have seen situations where the toilet quit working so the hoarder started filling up the bathtub. Some hoarders will even save used toilet paper and stack it to the ceiling. Individuals within this level of hoarding usually have noticeable symptoms of severe depression.

Jacksonville Hoarding Cleanup

Crime Scene Clean Of Jacksonville will answer your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all emergencies. Services provided are;

  • Hoarding cleanup
  • Biohazard cleanup
  • Urine cleanup
  • Feces cleanup
  • Blood
  • Homicide cleanup
  • Suicide cleanup
  • Unattended death cleanup
  • Crime scene cleanup
  • Rat infestation cleanup
  • Bed bug cleanup
  • Rodent cleanup
  • Dead animal removal
Jacksonville Hoarding Cleanup
Jacksonville Hoarding Cleanup FL