Hoarding Cleanup Patterson, Louisiana

Hoarding Cleanup Patterson, Louisiana

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Hoarding is defined as the inability to let go of belongings, regardless of their real value. This condition involves a variety of negative consequences for the hoarder and their families. These consequences can be not only psychological, but also physiological, social, monetary, and even legal. Because of the number of goods they have amassed, those that hoard stand out from the crowd. Items such as newspapers, magazines, random pieces of paper, plastic bags, storage boxes, pictures, household items, foods, and clothing are all often hoarded things. If you are in dire need of help with your hoarding situation, call hoarding cleanup Patterson, Louisiana today. We answer our phones 24/7 and we are here to help.

Cleaning up hoarded properties in Patterson, Louisiana

Crime Scene Clean Of Patterson is a local hoarding and trash removal company. We have been cleaning up hoarded properties since 2004. We clean up after clutter, trash, rotting food, unattended deaths, medical accidents, animal waste, C diff, and rat infestations.

We can help with the shame and guilt that comes with hoarding. It’s not unusual for hoarders to stay in their homes, not invite family and friends over, and try to hide the problem from friends, relatives, and other people who come to their home. If a hoarding condition goes unaddressed, it could lead to more dangerous problems in the future. These problems could be safety issues from fires to first responders not being able to access the hoarders home

Animal Hoarding in Patterson, Louisiana

As many animal hoarders are emotionally burdened, isolated from society, and estranged from friends and family as a result of their good intentions, both animals and people suffer greatly as a result of the situation. They regard their pets as a vital source of love, emphasizing the amount of love they get from and give to animals. While they keep their pets tending to ensure conflict-free relationships, they frequently refer to their animals as their children. Whereas they conflate their love for them with their incapacity to just provide them with a secure, hygienic, and good environment, the animal hoarders care about their animals and refuse to give them up. Eventually some people will hoard cats and dogs to the point that both the animals and the hoarder are unsafe. Whereas most people hear of animal hoarding, they think of the “cat lady” from the news. They quickly side with the animals, rarely considering the lives of those who have been affected by this conduct.

Signs of animal hoarding

  • Keeping more than the usual amount of animals in their home
  • Being unable to provide the care that animals need like food, shelter, and vaccinations to keep them from getting sick.
  • Denial of their situation and doesn’t acknowledge that there is a problem with accumulating so many animals in a residential home.
  • Presence of a strong odor from urine and fecal matter, which can be dangerous to the individual’s respiratory system.
  • Possible presence of bed bugs, rat infestation, and roaches.
  • Piles of animal food bags and water bowls throughout the home.

How we work

  • Asses situation at the property.
  • Making sure the animals are safely moved to another location.
  • Safely contain all animal feces and possible dead animals.
  • Safely clear out other clutter and garbage from property.
  • Clean and sanatize property so occupant can possibly safely return to the property. (depending on the state of the property)
  • Remove any odors from property.

Crime Scene Clean Of Patterson is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any emergency cleaning you may have. Feel free to call our friendly staff for any questions you may have about our services.

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