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Crime Scene Clean Key West is a company with years of experience in hoarding and trauma scene remediation. Our compassionate team is trained to provide services to all clients no matter how big or small. What makes our company different is we are a full biohazard cleaning business. We can dispose of urine, feces, blood, rats, and medical accidents. Hoarding Cleanup Key West FL!

We can provide the assistance of a specialist who is trained on how to interact with hoarders. The team at Crime Scene Clean Key West can recognize signs of anxiety, fear, anger, and depression during the cleaning process. We work closely with family members to make the most progress possible even in the worst cases scenarios. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the Florida Keys! We will answer any questions you may have about our hoarding cleanup and removal services. we’re there for the following services:

  • Aid in the recovery of legal documents, wills, deeds, insurance, and birth certificates.
  • Sort through the hoarded property to locate personal items and save them
  • Clean up after animal feces and urine
  • Provide dumpsters for every job in Key West, Florida
  • Give free estimates by email when you provide photos of the entire house.
  • Clean up and dispose of needles and other sharps
  • We clean up after diapers, urine, and feces
  • Remove dead animals
  • We are a full biohazard remediation company

Things people collect and hoard – Hoarding Cleanup Key West FL

Hoarding is defined as the inability to let go of belongings, regardless of their real value. Hoarding involves a variety of negative consequences for the hoarders and their families, including psychological, physiological, social, monetary, and even legal consequences. Those that hoard stand out from the crowd because of the number of goods they have amassed. Newspapers, magazines, random pieces of paper, plastic bags, storage boxes, pictures, household items, foods, and clothing are all often hoarded things. Animal waste is an unfortunate result of hoarding as well as hoarding cleanup after years or decades of hoarding.

Whereas most people hear of animal hoarding, they think of the “cat person” from the news. They quickly side with the animals, rarely considering the lives of those who have been affected by this conduct. The phrase “animal hoarding” alludes to a person’s obsessive desire to gather and own animals for the purpose of providing for animals, which leads to negligence or cruelty. Many animal hoarders are emotionally burdened, isolated from society, and estranged from friends and family as a result of their good intentions. Both animals and people suffer greatly as a result of the situation.

Animal hoarding in the Florida Keys

Animal hoarders’ conduct typically starts after a significant other’s illness, handicap, or death, or another traumatic life event, according to researchers. They regard their pets as a vital source of love, emphasizing the amount of love they take and give from animals. Keeping their pets tends to ensure conflict-free relationships for many people. They frequently refer to their animals as their children, and they conflate their love for them with their incapacity to just provide them with a secure, hygienic, and good environment. Hoarding can often be linked to an eating problem named pica (eating non-food items), Prader-Willi syndrome (a genetic disorder), psychosis, or dementia, however this is less common.

About Hoarding! Hoarding Cleanup Key West FL

Hoarding is a disorder characterized by the excessive accumulation of possessions, which ends up cluttering living spaces and causing significant distress for the hoarder and others living with them. Those living with hoarding disorder are often unable to make decisions about what to keep and what to discard, leading to dangerous and unsanitary living conditions. In such situations, cutter cleaning and removal of all trash becomes an urgent need.

Cutter cleaning and removal all trash is the process of restoring the hoarder’s living space by removing all clutter, trash, and debris. This process requires the intervention of professional cleaners who are specialized in hoarding cleanup, as it can be dangerous and challenging. The removal of clutter is not the ultimate goal of the hoarding cleanup process, but rather the restoration of a safe and sanitary living environment for the hoarder.

The hoarding cleanup process typically includes assessing the living space and identifying the items that need to be removed. It is important to note that hoarders often form an emotional attachment to their possessions, regardless of their value or usefulness. As such, professional cleaners work with the hoarder to identify the items that are no longer needed or pose a risk to the hoarder’s health and well-being.

Compassionate and discreet!

Once the clutter is identified, professional cleaners use specialized equipment and techniques to remove all trash and debris safely. This process is critical in restoring the hoarder’s living space to a safe and habitable condition. Further, the hoarding cleanup process also includes sanitizing the living space to remove any harmful bacteria or germs that may have formed due to the clutter.

In conclusion, the hoarding disorder can be debilitating and impact the hoarder’s quality of life. Cutter cleaning and removal of all trash effectively restore a clean and habitable living space for hoarders. Our professional cleaners specialize in hoarding cleanup and can provide the necessary support and expertise to restore order and reclaim a safe living space for the hoarder.

Hoarding Cleanup Key West FL