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Crime Scene Clean Of Kansas City is a company with years of experience in hoarding and trauma scene remediation. Our compassionate team is trained to provide services to all clients no matter how big or small. What makes our company different is we are a full biohazard cleaning business that can dispose of urine, feces, blood, rats, and medical accidents. Hoarding Cleanup Kansas City!

We can provide the assistance of a specialist who is trained on how to interact with hoarders and how to recognize signs of anxiety, fear, anger, and depression during the cleaning process. We work closely with family members to make the most progress possible even in the worst cases scenarios. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Kansas City to answer any questions you may have about our hoarding cleanup and removal. we’re there for the following services:

  • We can aid in the recovery of legal documents, wills, deeds, insurance, and birth certificates.
  • We can sort through the hoarded property to locate personal items and save them
  • We clean up after animal feces and urine
  • We provide dumpsters for every job in Kansas City, Kansas
  • We give free estimates by email when you provide photos of the entire house.
  • We clean up and dispose of needles and other sharps
  • We clean up after diapers, urine, and feces
  • We clean up and remove dead animals
  • We are a full biohazard remediation company

Compassionate Hoarding Cleanup – Hoarding Cleanup Kansas City

We are more than just a biohazard and hoarding cleanup company in Kansas City, Kansas. Our compassionate cleanup team will help you sort through your home to make sure we recover all personal items and store them in a safe place. We will help you locate sentimental items, important documents, statements, bills, and photographs. We will work by your side to make sure your residence is cleaned and disinfected while not causing any additional stress, anxiety, or frustration. Crime Scene Clean Of Kansas City always answers our phones 24/7.

Hoarding Cleanup Kansas City

Bathroom hoarding. Cleanup services in Kansas City, Kansas.

Levels of hoarding;

Level 1

All doors and stairways of the home are accessible. Regular household pet activity with light evidence of rats and other rodents. You will see some pet feces and urine in the home. The clutter is not bad but needs some cleanup and organizing. Home has normal, healthy housekeeping and safe and healthy sanitation. No odors.

Level 2

One of the main entrances is blocked and you will start to notice a problem right away. You will find plumbing and HVAC issues in the house as the hoarder will not have people inside because of embarrassment. The heating/cooling/ventilation system has not worked for at least six months. Two or more rooms are cluttered. Slightly narrowing pathways throughout the entire home. lack of housekeeping, unpleasant odors, overflowing garbage, some mold issues in kitchens and bathrooms, and rotting food in the kitchen and living room

Level 3

You will begin to see clutter outdoors, including items that are normally stored indoors, such as furniture and other items. Rotting food in some areas and full garbage cans. Dirty laundry is throughout the home. Strong unpleasant odors throughout the house. Animal feces and urine are very strong and in most rooms. Bathrooms are very dirty and the toilet may be broken with feces piling up.

Level 4

Roof and structure damage, mold, broken appliances, damage to flooring, faulty weather protection, dangerous electrical wiring, and odor or evidence of sewer backup. Very noticeable rat infestation, rodents, feces, urine, fleas, bed bugs, and animal hoarding. Expired canned food and rotting meat and dairy products. Extreme foul odors throughout the property.

Level 5

Clutter is stacked to the ceiling with a trail going through the home. The plumbing doesn’t work, the HVAC system is down, and the house is very dangerous to occupy. Cat and dog urine is very strong. Rat infestation is extreme and droppings are everywhere. Rotting food in the fridge and throughout the home. The home needs extreme cleaning and disinfecting. This level is very hazardous to the hoarder. You need to act fast in this situation. We are here to help!

Help For Hoarders – Hoarding Cleanup Kansas City

We have a local hoarding cleanup team that is available anytime day or night. Feel free to call our friendly dispatchers whenever you feel the need to. We always help every client from start to finish! Take the first step and call today. You’ll be glad you did.

Hoarders are individuals who have difficulty getting rid of possessions and are unable throw away items due to an emotional attachment or the fear that they may need the item in the future. Hoarding can take a variety of forms, from mild clutter to extreme accumulations of garbage and garbage-like materials. It is characterized by excessive acquisition and difficulty discarding possessions regardless of their actual value. Hoarders often struggle with other mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and/or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Hoarding behavior is often an inherited trait, passed down through generations; however, it can also be caused by major life changes such as death or divorce. Hoarders tend to collect a wide range of items—from papers and boxes to clothing, books, furniture, animals, or even garbage—creating piles that may reach several feet high. As hoarding progresses and living space becomes increasingly limited, hoarders become overwhelmed with their possessions and unable to access important areas like bathrooms or bedrooms.