Cleaning up the scene after someone has died is not something that you can ever truly prepare for. And, if the person who has died is someone you knew and cared for, this difficulty is compounded. Crime Scene Clean specializes in dead body cleanup for residents and business owners in the McAllen, TX area. Whether the cause of death is a violent crime, suicide or sudden illness, our team of crime scene cleanup professionals can take this burden off of your shoulders and restore the area to a safe state as soon as possible.

Trust Biohazard Cleanup To Professionals

The death of a loved one triggers many emotions including sadness, anger, shock, confusion, and despair. Friends, loved ones and family members should always be protected from the scene of the death if at all possible, and should never be responsible for the cleanup. This exposure adds unnecessary trauma and can also be potentially dangerous as well. A professional crime scene cleanup crew is trained and experienced at cleaning the aftermath of a death, and while, it is never an easy job, they have the tools and the background necessary to do the job.

The area where a death occurs is considered a biohazard — meaning that any blood and body fluid at the scene has the potential to transmit harmful disease to anyone who comes into contact with it. The team at Crime Scene Clean has equipment that can eliminate all traces of biohazards, leaving the area completely safe again for habitation. In addition, our team also is suited with the most protective gear in the industry and follow safety protocol, so they are not at risk of contracting disease. Finally, our team is also knowledgeable about best practices for removing bio-hazardous materials and protecting against any cross contamination. We can dispose of any unsalvageable items properly so that they do not put anyone else at risk.

24/7 Crime Scene Cleanup Services

Crime Scene Clean offers crime scene, suicide and unattended death 24/7/365, during the night, on weekends and on holidays. We understand that when tragedy happens, you need help fast. We have been in this business since 2004, so you can also count on our professionalism, discretion, compassion, and careful attention to each and every one of our clients. If you need help after the death of a friend or loved one, call us immediately at 866-232-4197.