Columbus Crime Scene Cleanup

Columbus Crime Scene Cleanup

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Property owners today sometimes face a daunting challenge. How should a realty owner remediate bio-hazards at the site of an unattended death, a traumatic injury, or a crime? Once the investigating authorities authorize cleaning to begin, the steps involved in restoring a location to a safe, useful condition may prove overwhelming.

Family owned and operated Columbus Crime Scene Cleanup provides an affordable solution. Customers contact us to furnish specialized cleaning assistance. In many cases, homeowners insurance or commercial insurance covers the cost of our services. We offer our skills to law enforcement agencies, government departments, private individuals, institutions, and commercial enterprises. Our technicians meticulously clean and disinfect both indoor and outdoor locations. We’ll help you revitalize realty after a tragedy occurs on the premises.

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In Columbus, Homicides were up in the last year. This terrible problem has brought grief and hardship to many local households. Our company serves property owners in Columbus (and across Indiana). We offer knowledgeable, comprehensive homicide cleanup services following the completion of a forensic investigation at a crime scene.

Many reasons prompt customers to request our assistance. We have invested in the training and the equipment required to remediate a wide variety of bio-hazards correctly. We strive to comply with local, state, and federal regulations (including OSHA and EPA provisions). Our customers know they can count on us to completely and accurately clean sites where unattended deaths, accidents, or crimes occurred. We possess extensive experience in this field.

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Insurance companies frequently cover our specialized cleaning services because we represent a far better option than DIY property restoration. Crime scene cleanup, including homicide cleanup, imposes a heavy emotional and mental toll upon everyone in the vicinity. Most business owners desire to spare their employees and customers distress associated with witnessing this activity. It remains vitally important to complete the cleaning process thoroughly in these settings, however. By calling in a full-time bio-hazard remediation firm, site owners obtain experienced, sensitive assistance.

Our company maintains a policy of furnishing discreet cleaning services. Whether we serve large commercial enterprises or a single individual, we seek to work efficiently without attracting attention to our presence. We want to help our clients by restoring the property to a safe, usable condition. Our efforts ultimately benefit anyone venturing onto the site in the future.

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We serve clients throughout Indiana. Our firm remains available to supply assistance on short notice. If you should ever require our services, feel free to contact us at any hour.

Columbus Crime Scene Cleanup

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