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When a crime scene involves a suicide or homicide, there is almost always blood and other bodily fluids on the floor, furniture, and other areas. This can present a significant biohazard at the scene, and if not cleaned up properly can put those in a home, business, or elsewhere at risk of coming into contact with dangerous bacteria and viruses. Biohazard Cleanup Helena, Montana!!

When biohazard cleanup is necessary, you need experts who use specialized equipment and cleaning products, rather than regular cleaning products found in most homes. Rather than wonder who to call, contact us anytime day or night!

Unattended Deaths – Biohazard Cleanup Helena, Montana

Along with crime scene cleanup, our team at Crime Scene Cleanup Of Helena also specializes in unattended death cleanup. These types of deaths happen more often than people realize, and can quickly turn into a serious biohazard situation. When a person dies and their body is left to begin decomposing for several days or more, blood and other bodily fluids begin to leak out, covering carpeting, walls, furniture, and other parts of the area with bacteria. In addition to this, the stench that accompanies decomposition is unmistakable and virtually impossible to get rid of with normal deodorizing products.

At Crime Scene Clean Of Helena, we know how to handle these complex cleaning situations. Using a combination of cleaning chemicals, deodorizers, and other equipment including hazmat suits, we can remove stains, bacteria, and odors. In fact, once we’re finished, nobody will ever know a blood cleanup took place.

Doing the Job with Discretion!

Having handled many different types of suicide cleanup since 2004, we know the difficulties families and friends face when dealing with such emotional and traumatic situations. As a family-owned and operated business, we can empathize with family members we deal with at these scenes. Because of this, we are committed to doing the job with discretion each and every time.

When we arrive at your location, you can be assured we will do so in unmarked vehicles and without wearing uniforms that state the nature of our business. Once we begin the suicide cleanup, we can work around your schedule so that most of our work is done when few if any people are around to notice the activity. Finally, should any of our team members be asked about what we are doing, they will reveal nothing to onlookers, media reporters, or anyone else not directly connected to you and your family.

Compassionate and discreet! Biohazard Cleanup Helena, Montana

Whether it is a crime scene cleanup or perhaps an unattended death cleanup, most people are too busy trying to come to terms with what happened to give much thought as to the cost of the cleanup. In some instances where the scene to be cleaned up is particularly complex, it is possible the cost could be pretty expensive. However, you won’t have to worry about coming up with thousands of dollars on the spot with us here at Crime Scene Cleanup Of Helena.

Having been in business for almost two decades, we have great working relationships with multiple insurance companies. Since most homeowners insurance policies do cover the costs of these unique cleanup situations, we will work with you and your insurer to make the blood cleanup as affordable as possible.

An Experienced Team – Biohazard Cleanup Helena MT

We pride ourselves on our professionalism, which is why we are always ensuring our cleaning teams receive the very latest training on new cleaning products, equipment, and techniques. Rather than have an inexperienced team arrive for biohazard cleanup and realize you have hired a company that is cutting corners on cleaning and compassion, trust us here at Crime Scene Cleanup Of Helena. Since our team members have years of experience handling cleanups large and small, there is no situation they have not encountered along the way. By calling us first, you can gain the peace of mind you will need from start to finish.

Best Customer Service in the Industry

When you need a biohazard cleanup following a suicide, homicide, or unattended death, the last thing you want to experience is working with a company that keeps you waiting and drags out the job for far too long. That won’t occur when you contact us. Available to our customers 24/7, we will answer your call as quickly as possible, whether it’s on a weekday, weekend, middle of the night, or even on a holiday.

Recognizing that your time is valuable and that you will have numerous other things on your mind, our goal is to put you at ease and leave the hard work to us. From getting in touch with you right away to giving you an estimate and getting started with the biohazard cleanup immediately, we can demonstrate our commitment to customer service in more ways than you imagined.

Each Situation is Unique

Whenever we handle a suicide cleanup, unattended death cleanup, or crime scene cleanup, we realize each situation is unique. Because of this, we are very careful when doing our initial assessment of the scene, making sure we pay attention to the smallest of details. By doing so, we can give you an accurate estimate of the cost, work with your insurer to lower your cost as much as possible, and provide you with a reasonable time frame as to when the blood cleanup will be finished. To give you extra peace of mind, we will not leave the scene until you have stated you are completely satisfied with our efforts.

When you want discretion, compassion, and affordability regarding a biohazard cleanup, contact us here at Crime Scene Cleanup Of Helena. Using our years of experience and the highest-quality equipment and cleaning materials, we’ll get the job done to your satisfaction.

Biohazard Cleanup Helena, Montana