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Our hoarding cleanup service includes trash removal and disposal, odor removal, disposal of unwanted furniture, animal waste, and medical waste disposal. Serving all of Benton, Louisiana. Benton Hoarding Cleanup!

Compassionate and discreet! Benton Hoarding Cleanup

When damage to the property has occurred, Crime Scene Clean Of Benton will remove all clutter, carpet, tile, and human waste that may be present throughout the home in Benton.

Total Biohazard Remediation Services In Benton, LA

We provide deep cleaning for all Benton-hoarded properties and remove any medical waste. We clean the entire home and garage including plumbing fixtures, walls, ceilings, and floors are thoroughly and safely cleaned and disinfected using hospital-grade chemicals.

Do You Feel You Have A hoarding Condition In Your Home? Benton Hoarding Cleanup

If you think you may have a hoarding problem, you may feel, “I might need that article clipping” or “I know my kids may need that extra toilet paper,” but the items are accumulated much faster than they are used or may never be needed in your lifetime. Some of these items most people consider junk and will discard them ASAP!

We Can Help With All Hoarding Conditions In Benton, LA

Hoarding is a large accumulation of personal items that can clutter your home, garage, and backyard to the point that the rooms are no longer usable. inaccessible rooms in the home, stuffed garaged, a kitchen table buried under piles of papers, and kitchen cabinets that are so packed to the point that you can’t find the items because you have too much stuff. Crime Scene Clean Of Benton can help!

What is hoarding?

Hoarding should be diagnosed when;
  1.  The hoarder has extreme difficulty discarding or parting with personal possessions, even if they are useless or of limited value to most people.
  2.  The hoarder has difficulty disposing or parting from personal items as they feel they need to save the items and get very stressed when faced with the prospect of throwing away these items.
  3. Hoarders can end up with too many items which can cause clutter in all areas throughout their home, office, car, or garage and impair the effective use of these areas. In some cases, the hoarders living conditions can be extremely dangerous as items may keep them from exiting the home in case of a fire or other disaster. In some cases, it is only because friends and family members of the hoarder have intervened that can really help in this situation.
  4. The hoarding condition can cause the individual extreme stress or impairs their ability to function at work or socially or to maintain a safe environment for themselves.
  5.  Hoarding can be a symptom of other psychiatric disorders, so it is very important that the right diagnosis is made.

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Benton Hoarding Cleanup
Benton Hoarding Cleanup Services. Serving all of Louisiana.