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Crime Scene Cleanup Services

Crime Scene Clean specializes in murder, suicide, homicide, unattended death, bio-hazardous and medical waste material, meth and drug lab, hoarder clean up and removal services nationwide. Established in 2001, Crime Scene Clean has been one of the leading specialty cleaning and remediation service companies in the United States and Canada. Our crime scene and hoarder clean up teams are available nationwide and can provide on site estimates and over the phone consultations.

Crime Scene Clean‘s highly experienced, fully certified staff can handle any type of job and are even able to provide services 24 hours a day 7 days a week anywhere in the continental United States or Canada. Our cleaning crews are experts in sanitizing and restoring your residential or commercial property to it’s original condition, fully removing any trace of contaminants, biological waste or toxic chemicals resulting from a trauma or the manufacturing of narcotics. Our staff is trained to be sympathetic to the loved ones who are sometimes left with the responsibility of the aftermath; we offer them guidance on the necessary steps they must make in order to quickly resolve the situation.

Available 24/7

Crime Scene Clean works with insurance companies as well as state and local authorities to ensure the necessary obligations are fulfilled and proper requirements are met. We educate all of our clients on the specific EPA and OSHA regulations and guidelines that must be satisfied. Many of our clients include police departments, fire departments, hospitals, private doctors offices, morticians, medical examiners, funeral homes, animal control agencies, the DEA, corrections, body shops and rental car companies. We have been interviewed and featured on Channel 5 News Texas and on cable television programs for our crime scene and hoarder clean up services.

Crime Scene Clean has an extensive history of providing those in need with professional and timely clean up services. Our prices are quoted on a case by case basis; we offer over the phone consultations, on site price estimates and work directly with all types of insurance companies. Call us toll free at 1-866-232-4197 or EMAIL US today and see why we are the nation’s leader in homicide, suicide, human decomposition, drug lab and hoarder clean up and removal services.